Frozen Circuitries


Here is a brief exercise: go to YouTube, find a video on deep fakes, and scroll down to the comment section. Here you will be met with the same comment over and over again. It follows a pattern: people describe the deep fakes with a positive and optimistic-sounding adjective followed closely by a negative and pessimistic one. They remark that deep fakes are fascinating, but scary; interesting, but awful; gripping, but frightening.

This wavering sentiment is not just confined to the deep fake; it makes its presence felt every time a new kind of technology comes along. You might experience it in conjunction with 3D printers, artificial intelligence, or virtual reality goggles. It completely infuses the area of technology. It is rare to discover a topic riddled with this much apparent ambivalence.

What is even more interesting than this reaction is what it is directed towards. The ambivalence sits around…

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